When are Chilled Transport Services Needed Most?

Chilled transport services make up the backbone of the restaurant, supermarket and fresh produce section of the food industry. With a number of local, national and international companies offering the best solutions when it comes to chilled refrigerated trailer services, when are these types of logistic companies needed the most?

One of the fundamental things about chilled transport service is the way in which the container is able to chill the items inside. Mainly it is supermarkets, restaurants and other food-related companies that need their services most, as getting the produce from the origin to the table is the best practice for food health safety, as well as making an appetising meal when it arrives ever-so-fresh.

Frozen Food Transportation

Frozen Foods, Frozen Foods Transport Services

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods companies always used refrigerated trucks and trailers to haul their produce from its place of origin to the end user in a number of different ways. This can be a frozen truck service that picks up fresh fish, delivered directly from fishing boats, and is then transported for packing or supply at local markets. Freezer van services are often used in the fishing and seafood industry as part of daily pickups across the country.

The need for freezing these items as soon as possible is apparent in the types of food and produce that are being transported. Fresh fish and seafood have a tendency to go bad very quickly, so freezing the seafood at source allows transportation over greater distances, and making huge savings on losses when simply chilled.

Chilled Food Transportation

Refrigerated Truck, Refrigerated Vans, Refrigerated Vehicles in Melbourne, Victoria

Refrigerated Truck

Food of any variety often needs to be chilled in order to be preserved when travelling long distances. Even food that you may have thought didn’t need chilling or refrigerating performs best and arrives fresher when transported in chilled containers. Produce from farms, for instance, are mainly chilled in large trucks and is hauled through distributors across the country.

Supermarkets always use chilled transport services in order to fulfil their demands to each shop. As the food is loaded directly from the farms and producers, the food is then refrigerated along the duration of its journey to then arrive as fresh as the moment it was picked!

The Transportation of Ambient Food and Medical Supplies


Ambient & Medical Products Need to be Refrigerated

Another great service offered by refrigerated trailer services is the transportation of ambient food and medical supplies. All kinds of medical supplies from drugs and medicines require chilled, refrigerated or  freezer truck services in order to arrive at the hospitals and medical centres on time and in the best possible shape.

Ambient food which is also known as shelf-stable food is your regular groceries that you will find along the main supermarket aisles. Whilst this food doesn’t necessarily need refrigerating, it does help the food safety factor in order for the food not to be overheated in a non-refrigerated truck. These types of food are often taken home by the consumer and refrigerated; meaning the shelf-life of the products is helped along nicely.

Chilled transport services are needed for the foods that need to be refrigerated while transporting. Most of the restaurants and supermarkets are now using chilled transport services and refrigerated transport services to keep their products fresh during transportation.


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